Click on the BCI link below for information to see if you qualify to obtain a Conceal Carry Permit, What States you can carry in other then Utah. Also for updates about CFP laws, and how to download an application or other information pertaining to Concealed Carry Permit.

Utah BCI website link: http://publicsafety.utah.gov/bci/CFnewapp.html

To obtain more information about our NRA courses check out: NRA website: http://home.nra.org/#/home

10 years ago I obtained a CFP and I never even shot a handgun before, I knew nothing about guns, but one is never too old to learn. I felt if I have a right to own and carry a gun then why not exercise that right. Another reason I obtained a Handgun was, I owned a small business in a not such a nice part of town. I did not feel safe there alone at closing time late in the evening with a lot of cash in my hand. I wanted to be able to protect myself, not only there but everywhere I went! I needed training and knowledge on how to shoot a Handgun and get a permit to allow me to be Self Protected. Now we are Certified Firearms Instructor with the NRA and for the BCI/State of Utah, and now we can assist you to do the same or just instructor you to obtain your Concealed Carry Permit.

Other Resources

Pistol Pete in the News!


Watch these videos to see what I mean about being "Self Protected," and being well trained to shoot a Pistol, and if an 8 Year old boy can shoot a semi-automactic Pistol so can you, your family members, and your friends.

Pistol Pete instructing an 8 year Old boy how to shoot a handgun. Notice the great trigger discipline this little guy has. Watch Here

"Pistol Pete's Greatest Self Protection move!" Watch Here

This "hold up" in Glendale made me "wake up" and realize that I need to Protect myself and those around me, namely family and friends. Watch Here

Always be aware of your surroundings and always carry your Firearm on you! Not in the back room like this clerk did, and I am sure he carries on his person after this terrible work day! Watch Here