Training Schedule

Please call for directions our courses might be held at a different location then listed on the website in Sandy, UT. We are also available for morning and afternoon classes by appointment only.


Concealed Carry Permit Course (only)

Twice a week 6pm Thursday & Saturday Mornings @ 9am. (Call to set up a special time or Register for a Class Online Using the PayPal button on the bottom of the page.


Concealed Carry Permit &
First Steps Basic Pistol Shooting Course

Twice a week @ 5:00pm Wednesday & Fridays. (Register online or call for more Information)

We combine The Concealed Carry Permit Course with the NRA First Steps Pistol Shooting Course for people who would like a CFP, but have not shot a hand gun before or need a refresher course. This Combined Course gives a new shooter confidence in not only carrying but using a Firearm if needed, but hopefully you never will have to use such skills in your life.

Call to set up this Special Offered Class.


First Steps Basic Pistol Shooting Course

Call to set up an appointment we have multiple Instructors who can accommodate your busy schedule.

Private Classes or special days needed please call to request a date and time. Need a private class we can hold one for you? Would you like to hold a class during the day time? We can fit your needs, please contact us for more information.)

Training Courses
Specific Date Requesting